You have 24 hours to spend in Chandler. What should you do? The options are endless, so we’ve created an itinerary to help point you in the right direction, from sunup to sundown, breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. Extend your stay and experience a fun-filled 24 hours in Chandler, AZ!

Rise and Shine in Nature: 6 a.m.

Set your clock for a picturesque sunrise and explore the exquisite flora and fauna of the Sonoran Desert via a hot air balloon ride, a horseback ride or a trail hike as the day breaks. Regardless of your view, our stunning natural surroundings make it easy to be an early riser with a fresh perspective.

Visualize the Arts: 9 a.m.

After enjoying the most important meal of the day at a Chandler breakfast spot, hit the streets with a cup of local Joe to explore the artistic street murals that dot the landscape and showcase the city’s expressive, cultural diversity and heritage. You also can visit Chandler Center for the Arts to view rotating art exhibitions and the Chandler Museum, which features educational programming, historical archival materials and traveling exhibits.

Grab a Nourishing Bite: Noon

You have numerous options for lunch in Chandler, with a lineup of eateries, cafes and regional chains that focus on sourcing ingredients from local purveyors—sometimes with a twist. Your choices include sandwich joints, pizzerias, elevated gastro pubs, European bistros and authentic global cuisines including Mexican and Southwestern flavors for your midday meal needs.

Schedule Time for Retail Therapy: 2 p.m.

After lunch, clock some retail therapy (and steps) at the many local boutiques and independent shops found throughout Downtown Chandler, where you’ll also find a weekend farmers market filled with handcrafted produce and gifts crafted by local growers and artisans. You also can head to the Chandler Fashion Center, the second largest mall in the Phoenix metro area, or the Premium Outlets, with savings of up to 65 percent off luxury brands.

Make the Rounds: 4 p.m.

Check in for happy hour and sample some of Chandler’s specialty pours, particularly its local beer culture with multiple taprooms that feature one-of-a-kind brews. If you want to learn the science behind the craft, book a tour with SanTan Garden, which includes stops along each stage of the brewing and fermenting process at Arizona’s largest combined brewery and distillery.

Refuel at Dinner: 7 p.m.

Round out your meal plan with a mouth-watering dinner in Chandler, a foodie destination where you can dress up or down and savor a range of cuisines and award-winning dining atmospheres, from casual hangouts to chef-driven restaurants, craft breweries and fine dining. Plus, you can take in one of our world-class sunsets from the patio-friendly spaces that are popular among the eclectic dining scene here.

Check In After Hours: 9 p.m.

Live music, dancing and a dose of humor are the perfect way to wrap up a fun-filled day in Chandler. Depending on what entertainment box you want to tick, the city’s late-night venues cover the after-hours gamut. From speakeasys to honky-tonks, and folk and jazz clubs, you won’t miss a late-night beat. You can even tickle your funny bone at Mic DropMANIA Comedy Club in Downtown Chandler, where you might just become part of the act!