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Chandler is home to many global cuisines, but spicy and flavorful Mexican and Southwestern foods are something of an Arizona specialty, with its neighbor to the south. From traditional taquerias to modern bistros and family-run restaurants that have operated for years in Chandler - here's looking at you Espo's Mexican Food (nearly 60 years) and Serrano's Mexican Food (more than a 100 years in Downtown Chandler) you'll find incredible dining spots in Chandler. Whether you are looking to meet colleagues for a business lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Chandler or hanging out with friends and sipping margaritas and munching on tacos all day, you'll find plenty of Chandler Mexican food restaurants to make you happy for days. 

When looking for the best Mexican food restaurant in Chandler, AZ, it can be hard to choose which one to try first as there is no doubt that you'll find incredible Mexican food options throughout Chandler's neighborhoods. From trendy birria tacos and birria ramen that will get you that delicious close-up shot for Instagram (check out The Taco Spot and CaliTacos) to more traditional fare including tacos, burritos and more - Chandler's got you covered for finding the best Mexican food in town.  And you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that several of Chandler's mainstay Mexican food restaurants are family owned and pay tribute to their family history using recipes past down from generation to generation for authentic Mexican food.

Located in north Chandler, Los Taquitos was started by the Ochoa sisters and their food has been featured on the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" and "Guy's Big Bite. In Uptown Chandler, husband and wife team Armando Hernandez and Nadia Holguin share an authentic taste of Chihuahua, Mexico using their mothers and grandmothers recipes. Located near Chandler Fashion Center mall, Espo's Mexican Food initially launched in 1974 with an American-style menu but course-corrected soon after using family recipes which are still in use today.

When in Downtown Chandler, pay a visit to Serrano's Mexican Restaurant - Chandler's oldest continuously owned and operated family business. Serrano's first opened in 1919 as the Serrano Brothers Popular Store, devoted to dry goods and clothing but transitioned to a restaurant in 1979 where Chandler locals and families have enjoyed their homemade flour tortillas and signature bean dip. Just north of Downtown Chandler, you'll find no frills and irresistible charm at Elmer's Tacos  which opened in 1974, directly across Chandler High School. The casual restaurant uses modified recipes from founder Elmer Cuen's mom and its tried and true red chile and the iconic strips, corn tortilla chips, served with freshly grated - not melted, cheese and sauce.

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