Chandler Events

Are you on the hunt to find something fun to do in Chandler and the metropolitan-Phoenix area? Make Chandler, Arizona your home base for local culture, food, arts and music by matching your trip dates to coincide during one of Chandler's events.

Utilize the calendar below to browse a list of year-round Chandler events that are searchable by date and type of event. Plan your next visit around a seasonal celebration, culinary festival, sporting event, or a performance at the Chandler Center for the Arts. 

From the mild winter temperatures that are marked with annual festivals and Cactus League Spring Training to the fun-filled summer days or the uniquely Arizona holiday traditions, Chandler's annual events are a great addition to your itinerary. 

Either way, experience the best of Chandler where there's always something to do!  Pick your favorite events and start planning your visit!