Chandler is graced with near-perfect weather featuring more than 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 85 degrees.

  Average High  Average Low  Average Precipitation
 January  67 F/19 C  41 F/5 C  1.01
 February  71 F/22C  45 F/7 C  0.99
 March  77 F/25 C  49 F/9 C  1.19
 April  85 F/29 C  54 F/12 C  0.33
 May  94 F/34 C  61 F/16 C  0.17
 June  104 F/40 C  70 F/21 C  0.06
 July  106 F/41 C  77 F/25 C  0.89
 August  104 F/40 C  76 F/24 C  1.14
 September  99 F/37 C  70 F/21C  0.89
 October  89 F/32 C  59 F/15 C  0.81
 November  75 F/24 C  47 F/8 C  0.77
 December  67 F/19 C  40 F/4 C



Parks & Trails

Explore some of the best parks and trails in the Chandler area. Find information on nearby parks that are perfect for hiking and biking, or find more laid back options for a leisurely walk or jog.

Urban Fishing

If you like to fish, why not cast your line in Chandler's urban fishing program? During fall, winter and spring, the Arizona Game and Fish Department stocks the Chandler lakes with Channel catfish, Rainbow trout, Largemouth bass and…

Hot Air Ballooning

Float, drift and glide over Chandler, Arizona and the Valley of the Sun from a unique vantage point. The majestic scenery of the Sonoran desert, the wildlife, flora and fauna and sense of adventure await you.

Horseback Riding

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic landscape of the Arizonan desert is when you go horseback riding.  

Hiking Trails

There are many ways to explore the great outdoors - and a favorite of visitors and residents alike is a walk or hike at one the many popular hiking and walking trails in and around Chandler.  

Bike Trails

With 327 miles of paved bike lanes and paths, Chandler is friendly to bicyclists of all abilities and levels. Road cyclists will enjoy Chandler's wide streets with plenty of bike lanes. In addition, there are plenty of multi-use paths…