Chandler Museum



If you're a curious person, you probably like museums. They can spark a thought in you, and you just might learn something you didn't know. Chandler has a variety of museums that explore the history and heritage of the area and is in close proximity to many of greater Phoenix's regional museums.

Train lovers of all ages will enjoy a visit to Chandler's very own Arizona Railway Museum which is home to vintage rail cars used in bygone eras. The museum acquires, preserves, and displays rail cars used during train travel's heydays. Among the displays are a Santa Fe caboose, an Alaska RR dining car, and Southern Railway Business Car. Every year, the Arizona Railway Museum participates in National Train Day each May.

To get the full story about  how Chandler became a town, visit the Chandler Museum. It tells the story of town founder, Dr. A.J. Chandler, a visionary veterinarian who set his sights on developing the desert environment into a picturesque town following the "City Beautiful" movement made popular in the early 1900s.

Step back in time at Tumbleweed Ranch  where visitors will see a sample of Chandler's agricultural past at Tumbleweed Ranch Park. where a bungalow sits within the park. This is the McCroskey House, representing one of the many homes that early Chandler farmers built here.

Located near Chandler, the Huhugam Heritage Center is situated on the Gila River Museum and is a tribal facility for the preservation and display of important cultural artifacts and art.  The Huhugam Heritage Center is a climate-controlled repository for prehistoric and historic artifacts, cultural materials and vital records. The museum displays these materials to the public, and is a space to exhibit traveling art and history shows.