Sally Clasen
Sally J. Clasen

Sally Clasen is a Midwest transplant who has lived in the Valley for half her life, swapping wool for cotton. She writes about food, travel, people and trends in business. When she’s not chasing Arizona sunsets she’s making reservations for Sunday brunch.

Best Sports Bars in Chandler, AZ

Looking for a spot to cheer on your favorite team? Grab your jersey and head to one of Chandler’s diverse sports bars, where you can relax, order drinks and food, and catch the big game on a big screen with the best seat in the house at one of these popular Chandler sports bars. The Local Chandler…

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Chandler Local Spotlight: Pickleball Kingdom

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the country—about 4.8 million Americans play it at least once a year. And now in Chandler, those hooked on the paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, ping pong and badminton have their own domain to play in West Chandler at…

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Spending Memorial Day Weekend in Chandler, AZ

Memorial Day is celebrated annually on the last Monday in May to honor U.S. military members who’ve died in service. Because it’s a federal holiday, the three-day weekend is also considered the unofficial start of summer with many gathering for picnics and outdoor activities. Here are some ideas to…

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Fine Dining in Chandler, AZ

It’s a fast-paced world, where fast food is often the meal of choice. Wouldn’t it be fun, instead, to slow down and treat yourself to a fine dining restaurant in Chandler where you can savor thoughtful, chef-driven menus, and enjoy attentive service complete with real tableware in high-end…

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Where to Go for Indian Food in Chandler

Indian food is hard to put in a Tiffin box when it comes to describing the complexities of aromatic regional cuisine. While generally spicy and flavorful, its profile depends on the spices, fruits, herbs, and vegetables available. In Chandler, diners can enjoy a range of Indian food perspectives at…

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Fun Things to Do With Your Dog in Chandler, AZ

If your dog jumps in the car before you can even ask “want to go for a ride?” you know it’s time to get out and play. Here are seven fun dog-friendly activities to do with your dog in Chandler that cater to everyone’s sense of adventure. Dog Park Heaven Dogs, like owners, need outdoor enrichment for…

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