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Downtown Chandler Murals That Will Inspire You

By: Michelle Jacoby If you’re a true art lover, follow a trail through Downtown Chandler, where you’ll encounter colorful street art and murals that give you a glimpse into the city’s diverse community. From vibrant works that revisit Chandler’s rich history, to dynamic depictions of the burgeoning…

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Chandler Local Bite Spotlight: Farmboy

By Lauren Saria Why Farmboy is the Best Barbecue Restaurant You Haven’t Heard Of Farmboy Market, Meats and Sandwiches in Chandler might bill itself as a chic, fast-casual restaurant. But president and operating partner Oren Molovinsky says it’s something more. “We’re the best barbecue joint that no…

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Chandler Business Spotlight: YoYo Factory

By: Sally J. Clasen When Benjamin “Benny” McPhee and Hans “YoHans” Van Dan Elzen go to work they “walk the dog” and “pop the clutch.” But their tricks of the trade are all in the name of the toy business. In 2004, the two yo-yo enthusiasts and professionals (both have won multiple national and…

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Chandler Local Bite Spotlight: The Kind Bean

By Angela Muniz Kindness matters in life. It also matters in business, say Clay and Jen Novick, husband/wife owners of The Kind Bean, a neighborhood café they opened in 2017 that serves coffee, specialty drinks, grab-n-go breakfast and lunch, and handmade sweets. The self-proclaimed foodies, who met…

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Summer in Chandler Means Refreshing Salads

By Michelle Jacoby As summer temps heat up, cravings for fresh, summery foods begin to set in. Fortunately, a refreshing salad is never far away thanks to a slew of Chandler restaurants that offer healthy and vibrant options filled to the brim with fresh greens, healthy vegetables and all-natural…

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6 Chandler AZ Must-Have Eats

By Michelle Jacoby When in Chandler, do as the locals do and feast on the city’s must-have eats. From tacos drowned in a savory broth, to pizza toppings stuffed in a muffin, Chandler is home to some of the most creative and unique dishes in Arizona. If you’re looking to expand your culinary…

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