You may be used to thinking of investments in terms of your 401K, IRAs and so forth – but #ChoosingChandler is one of the smartest investments.  By saying #iChooseChandler and choosing Chandler for your purchases, you are making a significant investment in your community and ensuring the City of Chandler's high quality of life

Support Chandler Businesses

  • How and where you spend your money matters. Chandler businesses are the backbone of our community - and they could use your support.
  • We know shopping online can be convenient, but our community needs YOUR support now. Choose to shop local now, Choose Chandler. 
  • Without local support, many of our favorite Chandler businesses are at risk. You have a choice when shopping, Choose Chandler.
  • Explore Chandler and actively discover new restaurants, shops and businesses in your community.
  • You know the phrase, you only realize what you had after its gone? Let’s make sure our local character continues and support our favorite Chandler businesses, shops, restaurants and activities with our day to day spending needs. YOU have a choice, Choose Chandler!

Keep Dollars in the Local Economy

Money Talks ­- When money is spent in Chandler it recirculates; creating jobs and overall wealth for those who make up our community.

  • For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, an average of $43 remains in our economy.
  • For every $100 spent at a non-locally owned business, an average of $13 remains in our economy.

YOU have a choice when spending your hard earned dollars, Choose Chandler.

Build a Strong Community

  • You may not think about how far your dollar goes. But when you Choose Chandler, you play a big part in sustaining a diverse economy that offers local job opportunities.
  • Chandler businesses are some of the strongest supporters of our local schools, youth sports teams, and non-profits. Help them, help you by supporting local and choosing to shop in Chandler.

Retain Jobs and Wealth

  • Our Chandler small businesses continue to face challenges and are the companies who make our community what it is and the ones who need our help the most. When you choose to shop locally in Chandler, your dollar goes the extra mile.
  • Small businesses are the heartbeat of our workforce today and our workforce of the future. Small businesses nationally employ nearly 50% of the private workforce, and continue to be a driving force of economic growth.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

  • Chandler is an entrepreneurial community, evidenced by our many locally-owned shops, restaurants, and service businesses. Keep the innovation alive by choosing to spend your money locally here in Chandler.
  • Supporting local business not only helps your neighbors, but encourages entrepreneurs to try new business ventures. Fuel Chandler's economic vitality by choosing to spend your money in Chandler.
  • Local entrepreneurs are why we have unique shopping and dining opportunities in Chandler.

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