When the Arizona sun is at its peak, finding ways to stay cool becomes priority No. 1 in Chandler. Thankfully, the city offers an array of refreshing options, from splashing in aquatic centers to enjoying icy treats to exploring indoor attractions. Here’s a look at some great ways to beat the heat in Chandler.


Pools and Aquatic Centers

Make a splash in Chandler, where a variety of pools and aquatic centers provide the perfect escape for summer fun. Start your adventure at Desert Oasis Aquatic Center. With its thrilling water slides and interactive water play features, it’s a mini-water park perfect for a family outing. Next, head to Hamilton Aquatic Center, where you’ll find a zero-depth play pool, water vortex and “current river” that mimics a natural waterway. It’s an ideal spot to beat the heat while having a blast!

For a day of swimming and sliding, Mesquite Groves is a fantastic choice. Complete with ramada and family dressing rooms, it’s ideal for families looking to enjoy the interactive water play areas in comfort and style. At Nozomi Aquatic Center, dive into fun with diving boards, 112-foot figure-eight water slide, and numerous play features that ensure everyone gets thoroughly drenched and cooled off.

If you’re in the mood for a more relaxing swim, consider the luxurious pools offered by many Chandler hotels. The Hilton Phoenix Chandler and the Crowne Plaza Resort are excellent choices, featuring inviting pools perfect for a soothing dip.

Indoor Attractions

When the summer heat becomes too much to handle, Chandler offers a variety of indoor attractions where you can stay cool and have fun. At Escape The Room Chandler, challenge yourself and your friends to themed escape rooms by solving puzzles and games. It’s a great way to stay indoors and have fun while staying cool. For even more friendly competition, test your wits out at Game Show Battle Rooms, where you can engage in fun, competitive games with friends or colleagues in a cool, comfortable setting.

For an icy adventure, visit the Ice Den Chandler for public skating sessions. It’s the perfect way to cool down while gliding across the ice. And don’t miss Andretti Indoor Karting & Games, where you can race high-speed go-karts, play arcade games, and engage in thrilling virtual reality experiences. This indoor entertainment center provides a plethora of activities to keep you cool and entertained all day long.


Cool Treats

Chandler offers a variety of delightful spots to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you cool. Start your journey with a unique twist on ice cream at Crispy Cones. Here, you can indulge in crispy, delicious cones filled with soft-serve and an array of tasty toppings. It’s a perfect blend of texture and flavor that will leave you wanting more.

Next, head over to Jake’s Sweet Shoppe, known for its viral Unicorn Candy Tacos. This must-visit spot is a paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth, offering a selection of shakes, scoops, cookies and classic candies that brings joy to all ages. Finally, beat the heat with a visit to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice. Offering a variety of flavors, this family-owned spot provides a refreshing and cool treat that is sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you prefer classic fruit flavors or unique combinations, this spot has something to cool you down on the hottest of days.


Chandler offers several fantastic indoor shopping destinations to help you stay cool while enjoying a diverse range of retail experiences.

For those seeking unique finds, Merchant Square Antique Marketplace provides a fascinating shopping experience in a cool environment. This spot is home to a variety of antiques and collectibles, offering an eclectic mix of items that are sure to capture your interest. Discover Japanese lifestyle products and enjoy a unique shopping experience at Teso Life, the perfect destination for those looking for something different and exciting.

Escape the heat by shopping at Chandler Fashion Center, an indoor mall featuring over 180 high-end and mainstream stores. Alongside its extensive retail options, the mall boasts a movie theater and numerous dining options, making it a perfect spot for a full day of cool, comfortable entertainment and shopping.

Located at Chandler Fashion Center, SCHEELS is more than just a store—it’s an experience. Complete with a Ferris wheel, arcade games, and extensive sports gear, SCHEELS offers a fun and engaging shopping adventure, all within a climate-controlled environment.