We love Chandler. And we know you do too.

It's a significantly challenging time right now for small businesses.  And as Chandler businesses reopen, they need our help - now more than ever.  When you make a purchase at a local business, you're not just helping that business, but their employees, their vendors, the local economy and supporting a community.

Launched by the City of Chandler, the Choose Chandler initiative is about choosing Chandler businesses first, whether it’s shopping for a new outfit or ordering takeout and keeping our community strong with acts of kindness. 

We are a community of innovation.  We draw strength from our community and as business resumes, Chandler stores, restaurants and hotels are being innovative and taking every precaution to ensure a safe and healthy experience.

Why Shopping Local Matters for Your Community

Choose Chandler - Now OpenKeep Dollars in the Local Economy

Patronizing Chandler-based businesses has a significant impact on the local economy and shopping local has an even greater impact.

Build a Strong Community

Not only do many Chandler-based businesses support local youth and community organizations, but by shopping local you ensure that continues and get to know the people behind the product.

Bella Gusto Urban PizzeriaRetain Jobs and Wealth

Small businesses have been greatly impacted by the recent restrictions.  By shopping locally, your investing in your community and a significant workforce in our community.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Keep the uniqueness of our community and those one-of-a-kind experiences that make Chandler great.

How Do I Get Involved?

Shop local.  Every purchase counts.  It’s easy to choose a Chandler restaurant for your meal or shopping at Chandler Fashion Center mall or a locally-owned boutique in Downtown Chandler, but regular services and purchases make a difference.  From groceries and oil changes to larger purchases like furniture or vehicles, Choose Chandler for all your purchasing needs. 

There are many ways to support Chandler businesses as a resident and ways for Chandler businesses to engage with the community.  Resident or business - click on the boxes below to learn how you can be more involved.

SanTan Brewing Co.