If a brand-new year has inspired you to embark on a journey of health and well-being, explore the serene and invigorating world of yoga. From tranquil studios to dynamic classes, Chandler’s yoga offerings include a wide range of experiences tailored to all skill levels. Whether you’re a pro at channeling your inner zen or stepping onto the mat for the first time, Chandler is filled with studios that will help you explore the path to balance, strength and mindfulness.

FLO Yoga & Cycle

Where mindfulness meets movement, FLO Yoga offers classes that build strength and flexibility in a music-filled setting that bucks conventional yoga programs. Take a “yoga” class for a full-body athletic workout, or a “yin” class that combines poses and breathing for restorative stretching. For the ultimate experience, enroll in a yoga sculpt class, which combines vinyasa flow, strength training and cardio. Heated and non-heated classes available. 

Map: 71 E. Frye Road, Chandler 85225 or (480) 907-5645

Hot Spot Yoga

Discover the transformative power of yoga in the “heat of the moment” at this West Chandler yoga studio. A dynamic range of classes include hot flow (classic vinyasa-style heated class), hot sculpt (incorporates weights to help build muscle) and restorative yin (combines gentle stretching and breath work). Drop-in, package and membership rates are available, as well as heated and unheated classes.

Map: 5865 W. Ray Road Suite 5, Chandler 85226 or (602) 753-7333

Sumits Yoga Chandler

A significant part of the Chandler yoga community since 2009, Sumits Yoga is where you’ll experience a harmonious blend of strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Guided by skilled instructors trained in a variety of yoga disciplines, class offerings span such types and styles as vinyasa, vin, yoga nidra and kids yoga, as well as the signature Sumits 80, a hot yoga class designed to strengthen, calm and re-energize the body and spirit.

Map: 4080 W. Ray Road, Chandler 85226 or (480) 768-1000

Staying Healthy on the Road

CorePower Yoga

Offering a dynamic approach to yoga, CorePower allows you to explore the fundamental principles of vinyasa yoga, where poses are linked with breath in a flowing sequence. Designed for participants of all levels, you’ll engage in such poses as eagles, triangle, side plank, warrior, and downward facing dog. Additional classes include H20 Sculpt, CorePower Strength, Hot Power Fusion, and CoreRestore.

Map: 2875 W. Ray Road #14, Chandler 85224 or (833) 448-2561


Powered by infrared technology, HotWorx classes are set inside a patented sauna that causes your body to sweat and speeds up detoxification. The hot yoga class incorporates various styles and practices with foundational postures, guiding you through balancing and core conditioning. What’s even more, the studio is available 24 hours, seven days a week, giving you the flexibility to work on your fitness goals whenever you want.

Map: 2040 S. Alma School Road Suite 8, Chandler 85286 or (480) 207-1187