Ways to Support Your Favorite Local Business

You’ve been there dozens of times.  The local coffee shop knows just how you like your morning beverage.  Your favorite boutique knows you swoon for anything green.  Your go-to taco spot.  The local butcher.  The helpful, neighborhood mechanic. The list goes on.

But what if they weren’t there tomorrow?

You can choose to put your money where your home is and join the #iChooseChandler movement.

Local retailers and Chandler restaurants eagerly awaiting to serve you. When you shop local, you're making a personal decision to invest in your community which directly benefits the high quality of life Chandlerites enjoy.

Here are 8 ways YOU can #ChooseChandler.

Dine Locally

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1.  Dine locally.

Whether you are more comfortable with ordering takeout or delivery from your favorite Chandler restaurant or ready to dine-in, the eateries are doing their best to minimize the risks and provide.

Enjoy a Chandler Staycation

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2.  Kick back and relax with a Chandler staycation

Staying close to home has so many perks - it's not only a great fit for frugal planning, but a staycation by its very nature has many benefits.  Staycations are an immense time saver and serve as an immediate vacation with the chance to experience your hometown like never before without all the day-to-day responsibilities. From checking out new restaurants, visiting an art gallery or taking the kids to a family fun center or simply enjoying a pool or a leisurely stroll through Downtown Chandler to see the murals - you can get away with less hassle and less stress.

Share Chandler on Social Media

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3. Take a picture and share it on social media.

Do it for the gram!  Share a photo of your delicious pizza or a photo from inside the store and spread the word sharing it on social media to show some love for your favorite Chandler business.  Don’t forget to add the hashtag: #iChooseChandler or #ChooseChandler.

Thank a Business

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4. Thank a business.

Take a moment to thank a business – not just for today’s purchase but for their continued support of our community and local organizations.  Many Chandler businesses are facing significant challenges and are remaining agile to accommodate changing restrictions and regulations to better serve their customers in a safe manner.

Buy a Giftcard

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6. Buy a gift card for future use.

An ideal option for supporting small business, consider purchasing a gift card or service bundles from your fave fitness center, go-to restaurants, shops and merchants to support the business now and redeem it later. Check out the Choose Chandler map as a source for information about local Chandler business offers.

Engage, Engage and Engage

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7. Engage, engage and engage.

Our local stores, eateries and business have been working overtime to develop new offerings, alternatives and services to be of support to their local community.  Take a moment to check in on social media to follow them and see if there are offering services that are of benefit to you and if there are new ways you can support them.

Share, Share & Share

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8. Share, share and share.

It’s time to rally and everyone loves to receive and read a great recommendation.  Share your love for your fave local business by engaging and sharing their social media content.  You are in a position to provide great word-of-mouth advertising for others that may be interested in shopping locally. It’s as easy as hitting that like and share button!

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