Paseo Trail

  • Region: Chandler Arizona
  • Trail begins at Galveston St. and continues through Riggs Rd.
  • Phone: (480) 782-2727
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The 6.5-mile Paseo Trail features a 10-foot-wide concrete multi-use pathway on the eastern side of the Consolidated Canal in east Chandler. The western side of the canal is an unimproved dirt surface that can be used for horseback riding or bicycling. The Paseo Trail's first phase opened in 2001 and it has become very popular with walkers, joggers, stroller-pushers, bicyclists, and even horseback riders on the west side of the canal. Along the Paseo Trail and its intersections with several major roads, the City of Chandler installed a lighted signal, equipped with an activation button for pedestrians and a higher one for horseback riders to ease the crossing at Pecos Road between Cooper and McQueen Roads. The Paseo Trail is one of the reasons why Chandler was named as one of the top ten most walkable cities in the US for 2007 by Prevention magazine.