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Chandler Solar System Walk at Veterans Oasis Park


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Have you or the kids ever wondered how large our solar system is? Or what the distance between Earth and Jupiter vs. Earth and Saturn would look like?

The self-guided Chandler Solar System Walk at Veterans Oasis Park provides these answers and more! Utilizing a 2,500-foot-ling path, navigate your way around the lake along a series of monuments and signs representing the sun, planets and primary celestial objects - all placed at distances relative to the scale of the solar system. Each foot on the walk represents 1.5 million miles which means that the distance from the sun to Earth is 62 feet along the walk — equivalent to the actual 93 million miles between the two in space.

The signs provide detailed information about the planets and references to ancient cultures who studied the skies, mythology, the asteroid belt, dwarf planets, and comets.

The self guided tour is perfect for budding astronomers!