ASU Stadium

Chandler Sports & Recreation

Do you watch from the stands or get on the field? Either way, there are plenty of sports and recreation opportunities for you in Chandler. You can attend games of the area's 5 professional sports teams or NASCAR races. Or you can suit up and take the field yourself in Chandler's parks.

Runners, cyclists, and triathletes can make Chandler their home base while participating in the Rock -N- Roll Marathon or the Iron Man Triathlon.

There's also world-class golf in Chandler's seven courses and other venues for outdoor fun! Tennis, hiking, horseback riding, BMX, or swimming - it is all possible in and around Chandler. Click on the links here to find out more.

Did you know:

  • Chandler is home to one of the country's highest-rated skate parks?
  • You can enjoy ice skating any time of the year?