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Arizona-based PIEfection has been in the valley since 2012 and has been named the #1 pie shop in Arizona by many organizations, including:, and The Chandler dessert shop features a wide selection of more than 70 dessert pies and savory pies including quiche and pot pies. Everything is made from scratch at this French patisserie-style bakery where you will find whole pies as pleasing to the eye as the palate.

Their company mission is to “Help families and friends create memories together, around the table with amazing food!” Pie lovers will not be disappointed in any one of their varieties, including this summer seasonal favorite, Summer Berry Cheesecake. Summer local favorites include unique dessert pies like Arizona Orange made from locally grown sour oranges or other favorites including Lime in the Coconut, Boston Cream with Raspberry Filling, or a Turtle Cheesecake made with authentic homemade caramel, a feat most bakers won’t even try!