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Fun Facts

General Fun Facts About Chandler

  • Architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Dr. A.J. Chandler had drawn up plans for a second San Marcos resort in 1930, "San Marcos in the Desert," but the resort was never built due to the Great Depression.

  • Ever wonder what it costs the City to keep its street lights lit and those traffic signals cycling through their reds, yellows and greens? Two million dollars. Actually, $2,115,483 last fiscal year to power 186 traffic signals and approximately 25,100 streetlights.

  • The City also uses water from 22 wells operating in the City. Chandler's oldest drinking water well is the Erie Well, which has been in service since 1948. Over that time, it has produced an estimated eight billion, 614 million (8,614,000,000) gallons of drinking water!

  • Since it's opening in 1989, more than 2 million people have walked through the doors of the Chandler Center for the Arts. The Center is jointly owned by the City of Chandler and the Chandler Unified School District.

  • There are 15,106 street signs in Chandler. The signs are included in an inventory that is entered and used by the City's Geographic Information System (GIS).

  • Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, Donovan McNabb has made his home in Chandler.

  • Have you ever heard of Folley Park?  This park was named after Zora Folley a former City Council member who was also a former heavy-weight boxer who fought Muhammad Ali.

  • The gray water produced by Chandler high-tech companies like Intel, who just recently opened FAB 32, provide the water for all the lakes of Ocotillo.

  • A fun construction fact - when Chandler Fashion Center opened in 2001, it incorporated 2007 cacti, 11,490 ground cover plants, a whopping 17,820 shrubs and 8,000,000 pounds of steel.

  • Chandler's founder, Dr. A.J. Chandler, was a veterinarian. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he was involved in land development, ostrich farming and many other hobbies.

  • Chandler has made a big investment in "green space." With more than 60 regional, community and neighborhood parks, as well as 6 aquatic facilities, within 70 square miles, it offers tons of outdoor recreation opportunities.

  • Chandler celebrated the city's centennial (100 year birthday) only 3 months after Arizona celebrated its 100 years of statehood.Chihuahuas are the stars every year during Chandler's Cinco de Mayo celebration.