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History Bites - Aviators and the Archaeologists


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Get a taste of Chandler history during 30 minute talks led by museum curators. Bring some take out or a brown bag lunch.

First Tuesday of each month
12-12:30 p.m. in the Saguaro Room

June 4- Aviators and the Archaeologists:

The Lindberghs’ 1929 Aerial Survey of Southwest Prehistoric Sites
Learn the fascinating story behind the images from the Oblique Views exhibit! Famous pilot Charles Lindbergh is best known for his pioneering 1927 flight across the Atlantic Ocean in his custom airplane called “The Spirit of St. Louis.” Few people realize that Lindbergh, and his wife Anne, also played a brief - but important - role in southwestern archaeology. In the summer of 1929, Charles and Anne worked with noted Southwest archaeologist Alfred Kidder to use aircraft to search for and photograph prehistoric sites and important geological features in Arizona and New Mexico including Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, and the Grand Canyon. This short, but exciting presentation features many of their original photographs (including ones not shown in the exhibit) and discusses this pioneering time for both aviation and archaeology. Following the talk, Erik will lead a short walk through the Oblique Views exhibit to point out key features and themes in the photos.


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