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We love Chandler. And we know you do too.

When you make a purchase at a local business, you're not just helping that business, but their employees, their vendors, the local economy and supporting a community.

Launched by the City of Chandler, the Choose Chandler initiative is about choosing Chandler businesses first, whether it’s shopping for a new outfit , planning an afternoon of family fun, ordering takeout for the office party and keeping our community strong with acts of kindness and volunteerism. These small shifts in our spending habits, from routine purchases to specialty items, have a BIG impact on our Chandler businesses.  

When you head out to explore Chandler's locally owned boutique shops and shopping malls, know that Chandler businesses, restaurants and hotels continue to innovate and take precautions to ensure a safe and healthy experience for everyone. 

Chandler Like a Local

Why Shopping Local Matters for Your Community

Your support of Chandler's small businesses matters. We are fortunate to have thousands of locally-owned businesses in our neighborhoods that are the backbone of our community, creating jobs, boosting our local economy and providing local character to Chandler.

When you Choose Chandler and spend locally, not only are you helping grow our region's economy, but you're helping grow the dreams of Chandler entrepreneurs and neighbors.

Keep Dollars in the Local Economy

Patronizing Chandler-based businesses has a significant impact on the local economy and shopping local has an even greater impact.

Build a Strong Community

Local businesses are more likely to utilize other Chandler-based businesses for their needs and are often more likely to be involved in the community and support local charities and youth organizations. And when YOU shop local, you ensure that continues. Added bonus, you get to know where the products are coming from and the people behind the products.

Retain Jobs and Wealth

By shopping locally, you're investing in your community and its significant workforce. Nationally speaking, 65% of all new job growth is fueled by small businesses. 

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Keep the uniqueness of our community and those one-of-a-kind experiences that make Chandler a great place to live and destination to visit.

More Ways to Choose Chandler

Are You Ready to Shop Local?

Shopping and dining in Chandler is a great way to support your community. Making it a point to shop local and show your support for Chandler restaurants and businesses at least once a week throughout the year will have a huge impact on our region. 

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