In this distinctive exhibit, the sculptures aren't made of stone, metal or clay. The sculptures in BlowUP are created using air as the medium (yes, air!) to fill inflatables of different styles, sizes and shapes. This exhibit from the Bedford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California, is traveling across the country with Vision Gallery being among the galleries showcasing this unique art experience.

"The great thing about this art work is that it takes us all back to when we are kids and captures something from our childhood," says Eric Faulhaber, Visual Arts Coordinator at the Vision Gallery. "It reminds us of our first balloon or an inflatable toy from the fair. It is exciting, unpredictable and fun to look at."

The collection's original curator Carrie Lederer had the intent to do something that pulled together the concepts of pop art with the form and scale of large sculptures. The results are an exhibit that is bright, colorful, and fun. Visitors to the exhibit will be treated to the sight of, among other pieces, a large white elephant, golden reclining Buddha or giant pink bunnies. This is an exhibit that visitors of all ages will enjoy.

"Inflatable structures connote fun and whimsy, and challenge our everyday, feet-on-the-ground perspective. The show creates a spectacular, immersive environment and taps into our fascination with inflatables with artworks that are surreal, humorous and poetic," says Lederer.

The artists who contributed pieces to the exhibit are world-renown, with some of their art being rare to the Valley: Claire AshleyLee BorosonChristo and Jean-ClaudeLewis deSotoPatrick FlibotteJoshua Allen Harris, Billie G. Lynn, Guy Overfelt, and Momoyo Toritmitsu.

"This is an opportunity to experience art that represents a contemporary expression of pop art that is playful and fun for adults and children alike," says Faulhaber. "We know attendees are going to enjoy this exhibition."

Exhibits at the Vision Gallery are made possible with support from the Arizona Commission for the Arts, City of Chandler and the Chandler Arts Commission.

BlowUP runs Friday, September 4, through Friday, October 30. Admission is free. The Vision Gallery is located at 10 E. Chicago Street, in Downtown Chandler, on the first floor of the Chandler City Hall. The Gallery is open, Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. - 4p.m. For more information about BlowUP, visit