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How many people live in Chandler?   256,101 as of March 1, 2018

How big is Chandler? Nearly 71 square miles!

Where did Chandler get its name? From it's City founder, Dr. A.J. Chandler

What's Chandler's major industry?  Chandler's largest employer is Intel, a high-tech manufacturing firm that designs and builds technology components for the world's computing devices.

How many days of sunshine does Chandler have each year? Over 330!

How much rain does Chandler get each year? Not quite 7 inches, it is 6.77 inches per year on average.

Other Fun Facts:

When the Crowne Plaza Phoenix Chandler Golf Resort was built, it was home to Arizona's first grass golf course.

Ostrich feathers and ostriches put Chandler on the map when the city began. In 1914, some ranchers attempted a cattle drive of 300 ostriches from Glendale, Arizona to Chandler, Arizona. The 35-mile drive (about 30-40 minutes by car on today's freeways) lasted several days, as wranglers had to travel many miles along the Gila River. Today, the Ostrich Festival is held every year in March.

Tumbling tumbleweeds make up Chandler's annual holiday tree. Each year, tumbleweeds are collected for to create the 35-foot tall wire-framed Christmas tree.